Go Public Fast

Go Public Fast

When you take a look at what is truly important to you and your company, and you think that an initial public offering is what you want, you naturally want to get the best assistance in doing your offering.

I can assist you in making your IPO smooth and cost effective and at the same time produce a strong market value for you and your shareholders while maximizing the finance and terms for your company. I believe you will be pleased to find that my experience as an underwriter, attorney and market maker will assist you in all aspects of your offering – from pre-IPO planning, to negotiating you letter of intent, to seeing you through the SEC and into the all important trading of your stock.

As you consider these advantages, you will no doubt find what is important to you in this monumental process for your venture.

Please contact us today by email at John.Lux@Securities-Law.info and we will give you our personal attention.

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